4 informal reviews and 1 short epitaph (1 paragraph)

Papers requirement: 

short (approx. 2+ pages) papers that involve “close reading” of a text. Emphasis is on some, detail, question, or point of emphasis that interests you. The idea is to focus on details (consider language, key images, metaphor, point of view, narrative style, character, or moments that move you, etc.)  in our readings that resonate for you. I am not interested in plot summary, or a rehash of what we discuss in class. I am looking for your focused interpretation on something in the text that you’ve responded to with curiosity or passion.

   Break it down:

1 WHY do u respond to a person or a phrase or a literary style?

2 How dose the text communicate effectively? Why do u think so?

3 It may be that you take on a section that confuses you or upsets you—-something you reject outright, or something that you simply question. Your response may be critical or positive.

4 Is it wonderful, is it disappointing, are you ambivalent?

5 Is it ambivalent or contradictory?

6 you must use quotes from the text to support your analysis.




Key points:

1 Time is due on the 23:59 on Monday evening (MAR 24th)

2 Do not write like a research paper with a lot of quotes from the other books or articles, please write in a very informal way.

3 I am an International exchange student from China. Be careful of the words and context u will use.

(For example: don’t write: I was born in a little town near New York)

4 No Plagiarism.


Now at least I need 4 papers of 4 novels

1  Beowulf    Heany, Seamus(trans.)     ISBN


2  Lamb. The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal

ISBN-10   0380813815

3 The Tempest by Willian Sharkespeare

 ISBN    9780743482837

4 The once and future king     ISBN 9780441003839


And an epitaph of Caliban in The Tempest

This short epitaph is only 1 paragraph. Not long. This epitaph describes the whole life of Caliban and so on….



1  I have a lot of papers to write. If you really do a good job.

We will have a long term deal.

2 Read the requirements carefully. I have bought one before but he did a very bad job. Too much copy quotes from the other books.

3 I have the pdf of book: Beowulf, The Tempest. And The Once and the future King. If you need I can email them to you.