# 2 Training and Development

Individual Project 2-3 pgs


The Director of Sales, Jorge Muñoz, has approached you to recommend training for new sales representatives.

In the form of an e-mail (placed in a Word Document), complete the following:

  • Identify the training objectives
    • What will the trainee know and be able to do upon completion of training?
    • Include the quality of performance and the conditions under which performance occurs.
  • Write up an audience analysis that includes the following:
    • skills, needs, and interests of the target training group
    • relevant background knowledge
    • when, where, and how the training should be delivered
    • any additional information you think is important to include
  • Direct your recommendations to Mr. Muñoz

To help you identify the type of work sales representatives perform, check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics (using the resources in course materials). Perform your search by job title or by using an alphabetical search.

Note: Your ideas/answers from this project will be used to complete the group project in Unit 4.



Discussion Board  4-6 paragraphs

A manager in your organization has approached you to design some practice cases for training call center personnel on new products. The company is relying on the revenue these new products will generate, so it is important that the call center representatives demonstrate an understanding of the features and benefits of the new products and that they can transfer their knowledge to the job immediately.

Explain how you would approach the assignment by answering the following questions:

  • What methods would you use in designing practice cases? Explain your reasoning.
  • What would you include in the practice cases?
  • What delivery methods would use you? Explain your reasoning.
  • How would technology be used in the design and/or delivery of the training?
  • What would you do to ensure trainees can transfer the knowledge?