2 RESPONSES DUE IN 45 MINUTES MONICA’S POST: BA of Early Childhood Education Daycare field (6 weeks-5 years old) Area: Outdoor playground The ideal place that I will be working on will be the playgrou



BA of Early Childhood Education

Daycare field (6 weeks-5 years old)

Area: Outdoor playground

The ideal place that I will be working on will be the playground. Playground is the extension of the classroom, everyday we offer an outdoor activities for the children to have an opportunity to improve their physical, mental and social development. Playground is a place where the children can extend their creativity and explore. In a playground children learn how to introduce themselves to new people, learn how to approach others and learn communication skills. As an activities coordinator I will make sure that the playground is safe for the children to use. It is important to focus on playground designs that offer age-appropriate challenges to test their motor skills, strengths, agility and more. Make sure that the playground has safety surfacing. The playground will have fence in so children are secure. The playground should have a place for active play where children can run, jump, climb and punch. A sensory play for touching different interesting textures such as sand box, flowers, plants and different shapes and color. There should be a place for creative play where children can draw, color, and do craft. Children loves imaginative play, adding playhouse will be a good idea to add in the playground along with dress up clothes. Adding bench for the children to seat on so children can take a break when they are tired, as a patio when children are sensitive to sunlight they can stay in the shaded area. Also add a water fountain for the children to stay hydrated while they play outside.

One out-of-the-box opportunity for creativity and innovation will be a outdoor reading nook, were children can have an opportunity to be alone and have a quiet activity while outside the classroom. The place will be decorated with soft chair, plush throw pillow, and lots of books with different interesting topic such as science & discovery, art, language and more. Children and teacher can grab a book and read together or read out loud with others.


Include the position and environment in which you will be working in the learning center.

I will be working as an activity coordinator in the office environment with an adjoining lounge area in the learning center.

Describe the ideal environment that includes

The physical setup

The physical set up for the office environment will include the desk and chair where I can work. I will also have guest chairs across my desk for clients to seat. The office space will also have a computer, scanner, television, and telephone. I will also use the adjacent lounge area where I can collaborate with other team members to generate ideas and conduct presentations and training. In the office area, I will have wall shelves for resource books, objects, and live plants. In the office, I will have television displaying a continuous slide show of current events and activities of the center as well as upcoming events and activities outside the office wall for new and existing clients to see. There will be a digital calendar outside the office displaying dates and times of various activities and events as well as clear wall pockets for registration and waiver forms and other literature and brochures readily available to clients. The office will have a large window for natural light as well as eco-friendly modern lightings. The lounge area will include some stationary furniture in one corner for conferences. There will be a pull-down projector screen and portable projector for presentation and training with flexible seating to meet the need of the group’s collaboration.

Any special considerations as well as an explanation of why you have selected to set things up the way that you are.

Special considerations for the lounge area are free wi-fi and complimentary tea and coffee available to clients. I believe the free wi-fi will allow members of the group exchange ideas and share electronic files. For example, members can work concurrently on the same project and see how their ideas take shape and evolve in real-time as other members input their ideas. The complimentary tea and coffee will attract members to use the lounge area for their group work in a relaxed environment.

At least one out-of-the-box opportunity for creativity and innovation and an explanation to why you have included this.

One out-of-the-box opportunity for creativity and innovation is that I would like to use colorful ‘block chairs’ for a flexible seating arrangement. The block chairs are light-weight and stackable and can quickly move around and set up to meet the need of the group and by activity types. It can also be used as a divider to separate the space between the two groups. When the block chairs are not in use, it can easily stack and moved to the side.