1500 – 2000 Words: Monitoring Brand Performance

The DiVito Bakery has now re-opened, incorporating the marketing strategy changes as the result of your research. As the marketing consultant for the DiVito Bakery you are now recommending a Performance Tracking Proposal, instituted to monitor performance and identify potential areas of under-performance.

The DiVito Brothers agree with your recommendation to institute a tracking program, and have asked you to prepare a Performance Tracking Proposal. In your proposal you need to address:

  • Background and Objectives of the new marketing strategy. 
  • Key marketing metrics that need to be measured and a rationale for why these metrics are important. 
  • Establish objectives (numerical goals) for each of the key marketing metrics you have identified. 
  • Propose a methodology for collecting the data, including: 
    • How the data will be collected (in-person, telephone, mail, online, other) 
    • Recommended sample sizes by target group, including which consumer segments need to be interviewed (customers, non-customers, ethnic groups) 
  • Timing: How soon after the strategy has been implemented should we do the tracking research? How soon should we go back after the initial research? Why?